WhatsApp play down security flaw

whatsapp WhatsApp - as you know, now owned by Facebook - has been getting it in the neck after a tech consultant by the name of Bas Bosschert said that the messaging app had a flaw which meant snide developers could access your messages via the microSD card.

WhatsApp have now responded, saying that the reports "have not painted an accurate picture and are overstated." Not only that; anyone downloading the latest version will find that it has already been updated with beefed up security.

The statement from WhatsApp says: "We are aware of the reports regarding a “security flaw”. Unfortunately, these reports have not painted an accurate picture and are overstated. Under normal circumstances the data on a microSD card is not exposed. However, if a device owner downloads malware or a virus, their phone will be at risk. As always, we recommend WhatsApp users apply all software updates to ensure they have the latest security fixes and we strongly encourage users to only download trusted software from reputable companies. The current version of WhatsApp in Google Play was updated to further protect our users against malicious apps."

Basically, the message here is that, WhatsApp or not, your entire phone is at risk if you download dodgy apps.

However, this won't be the last story scrutinising the app because, thanks to such a giant takeover, there will now be increased interest in every aspect of WhatsApp.

Another issue is that Android has been something of a malware target and that users may not know what the best thing is for their phone. Reports have said that 98% of all mobile malware in 2013 was aimed toward Android.

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  • Mike U.
    Bollocks, I've never had any malware on my Android phone and I've never had any antivirus installed on it either Scaremongering again!!!

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