WhatsApp - now with documents and compressed video

whatsapp As more and more people use Whatsapp, and similar online messaging services, the more features are thrown our way. The Facebook-owned app has just put out an updated version of their closed beta app, which shows you what is coming next.

In the next update you get, the app will be able to send video (they'll be compressed, with 300 MB files easily sent). You'll also be able to receive documents from your pals through the app, which is useful if you're doing business with someone, or copying their homework.

Of course, you'll know that WhatsApp have dropped the annual fee to use it, which is great news for everyone.

Usually, the closed beta WhatsApp program gets new features tested on it, so it isn't available to the general public. However, it will only be a matter of weeks before they're rolled out to everyone who has the regular app.

Either way, this is good news as messenger apps continue to improve and compete with each other, so we can all have nice features, all for free. Marvellous work.

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