WhatsApp, Google, and Facebook to up encryption

spy spying As the row rumbles on between Apple and the FBI over people's personal privacy, many other tech companies - including Google, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Facebook - are going to up the security and encryption for users.

According to a report from the Guardian, WhatsApp are going to beef up their encryption to ensure that voice calls are encrypted, on top of the privacy features they already have in place. Facebook, who own WhatsApp, are also looking at strengthening the security on their Messenger service.

Snapchat, who are rumoured to be working on a VR device, are looking at a secure messaging system, while Google is looking at an encrypted email tool. There's no word on Twitter as yet, although behind the scenes, they have been playing with something similar, but have yet to dish it out to users.

This is going to antagonise the authorities no end, that's for sure. With Apple due in federal court over their security systems, and their refusal to open it up to authorities, this is a very public show of support from their peers.

Of course, opinion on this is divided - some people demand privacy from messaging services and don't want security weakened, which may work in the favour of criminals, what with having a backdoor to exploit; others meanwhile would like to see tech companies aiding governments in the war on terror.

It's a complicated issue, but for now, it looks like the tech companies won't budge when it comes to encrypting your data.

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  • Bonobo
    Facebook is going to increase its security? Impossible! /s

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