Careful of the WhatsApp flaw

whatsapp Careful if you're using the web version of WhatsApp! Bitterwallet readers are always the most careful, obviously, but we just like to make sure.

There's a vulnerability in the service which is allowing hackers to trick people into executing snide code for them. It is called the 'MaliciousCard' vulnerability, and basically, it is executed by sending a vCard contact card which contains malicious code to your account.

This is according to security firm Check Point, and they say that, once the code has been opened up, it starts to distribute bots, ransomware, and a whole bunch of other malware nonsense.

WhatsApp have been told about this, and they have issued an update which should fix the bug. If you're running WhatsApp Web v0.1.4481 (or later), you're fine.

This news follows the fact that WhatsApp have said that they have just reached 900 million monthly active users, which is not too shabby. Of course, the company is owned by Facebook so it won't be long before everyone starts wishing everyone involved at the service were dead in a grisly manner.

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