WhatsApp attack - what to look out for


People who use WhatsApp are being targeted with a phishing attack, which obviously, you should keep an eye on.

Basically, you get an email which looks like it is from WhatsApp, often with something saying 'you have obtained a voice notification', or 'an audio memo was missed', or something along those lines. If you look at the 'from' email address, you'll see it doesn't come from WhatsApp at all.

Subject lines end with a set of random nonsense like "xgod" or "Ydkpda", and basically, you should delete the email as soon as you get it. Have nothing to do with it at all. If you do open it, you'll find that you'll get a Zip file and, when that is opened, it unleashes hell on your computer.

Not only that, it'll give hackers access to your computer and all your lovely private and sensitive information.

"Cybercriminals are becoming more and more like marketers – trying to use creative subject lines to have unsuspecting emails be clicked and opened to spread malware," said Fatih Orhan, Director of Technology for Comodo and the Comodo Antispam Labs.

With over 900 million people using WhatsApp, there's a lot of people who need to be vigilant with this. Of course, Bitterwallet readers are too smart to fall for such a thing, but this is worth showing to the less savvy who you know.

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  • gas m.
    My What's App has been attacked, telephone number [number removed] Can you help?

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