What's wrong with the iPhone: Jobs, are you listening?

The iPhone: after chicken & jalepeno pizza and sex, possibly my favouritest thing in the whole wide goddamn world. If I can ever engineer a scenario where I manage to engage all three simultaneously, I'll probably explode in a fiery mess of mozzarella, plastic and fluid.

But it's not perfect, the iPhone. There are plenty of minor irritations that collectively cause major grumpiness. And so Please Fix The iPhone was created, allowing owners to vote on the tweaks they'd like to see made, or to add their own requests. Currently the most popular demand is one as essential as oxygen but missing nevertheless: the ability to copy and paste text. At #2, more of the blindingly - let users tilt their iPhone to read emails. Every other app allows content to be tilted to fit the screen, so why not emails, Jobs?

Those are the top grumbles out of a growing list of over 550, so what's at the bottom of the pile? Stuff like this:

"An iphone application or feature or built-in hardware that can wirelessly connect to the default car stereo thru fm band."

Yeah Jobs, we want an app that can somehow spontaneously replicate FM transmission hardware from pure energy. Y'know, like in Star Trek. Alright, so some of the requests are never going to happen, and in this instance, third parties will create apps that stream radio stations, like Radiolicious. Apple themselves will be well aware of the popular requests; their thinking will be that 10 million handsets sold without any of these tweaks, so they'll get round to them in their own sweet time, thank you very much.


  • Richard
    I agree the iphone is right up there, but i'd swap pizza for donuts! It's funny how the little problems explode into big problems, take the keyboard for example. At first i kept thinking my fingers are too big for this, but now that I've realised by aiming slightly left of the button and relying heavily on the word suggestion tool i'm an absolute ace at typing.
  • High B.
    [...] please ask yourself: is the iPhone 3G really going to change your life?  Should it actually be worth a bigger price tag than a stone from 20,000 BC, for that matter?  [...]

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