What's the juice with Orange's new terms and conditions?

everythingeverywhereWe've been contacted by a number of avid Bitterwallet readers including Jason, Claire and Tim about a message sent to Orange customers (you can see the full version of the message here):

changes to Orange terms and conditions

You might have heard that Orange and T-Mobile have entered into a joint venture and are now run by a new company, Everything Everywhere.

You may already have noticed the benefits of this joint venture by being able to use signal from T-Mobile as well as Orange to get better coverage.

Because Orange is now part of this new company your terms will now be with Everything Everywhere Limited, not Orange Personal Communications Services Limited.

Don't worry though, nothing else changes, you'll still get the great service from Orange at the price that you're paying today.

Readers thought this might be a sneaky back door for Orange to introduce new charges to existing customers without triggering the right to cancellation-without-penalty. Bitterwallet contacted Orange to ask what's occurring, to which a spokesperson replied:

Just to confirm that since the merger we've been transitioning millions of customers to EE terms in phases, and we are currently doing this for various segments of customers.

To reiterate, it is just the company name that is changing - there are no changes to services or pricing for our customers.

Good news for customers, then. But as cautious reader Claire pointed out, the terms and conditions cover more than services and pricing; while all service provider contracts have to follow Ofcom guidelines and consumer law, there are variations between them. We'll be having a look at the two sets of terms over the next few days to see if we spot anything; if you're already having a snoop through the small print like a regular Columbo, let us know what you find.


  • Sawyer
    Got a link to these terms and conditions? Orange may have sent me a message, but their service is so unreliable that it's standard for them to arrive hours or days late. It's also interesting to note that you've linked to a mobile page, which is appropriate as that's another aspect of my Orange service that doesn't work, at all. 21 months to go...
  • Dick
    > We’ve been contacted by a number of avid Bitterwallet readers including Jason, Claire and Tim They are all the same person aren't they, suffering from schizophrenia? "Jason" is the normal one, "Claire" is the slightly butch cross-dresser with wobbly lipstick and "Tim" is the crazy one who likes going into furniture showrooms to stroke the cushions then jerks off.
  • avid (.
    would love to exit my contract early, hope you find something!
  • toby
    where's the juice ?
  • michael a.
    How can I top up the MINS 7.50
  • connie f.
    They had already increased charges ie a 100 extra mins bundle by 50% going from £5 to £7-50 a couple of months ago CJ

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