What's Google Duo about?

What's Google Duo about?

Internet giant, Google, have given us a video calling app called Duo, and has already eclipsed the mighty Pokémon Go in downloads.

So what's it about?

Well, it is a bit like Apple's FaceTime, if you want a very short answer. Of course, the majority of the world doesn't have an iPhone, so this is good news for many people.

Basically, Duo is a free app which lets you make video calls (and even non-video calls).

Having played with the app, it is clear that one of the best things about it is how intuitive it is. You won't need to bury yourself into it to know how it works - everything is very straightforward.

It opens up the front camera, and you hit people from your contacts list, and you can call them up. You can turn on something called the 'Knock Knock' feature, which basically lets you be seen by your pals before they pick up, if you're in a polite mood.

That works both ways, obviously.

Importantly, Google are offering end-to-end encryption, in a bid to make you feel better about any privacy concerns you have.

Google Duo works on Android, obviously, and for iOS phones. At the moment, it doesn't work for Windows phones.

It works. It is stable. And while it might not feel like a game-changer, it could very easily become a staple in the apps you use, if you're happy to make calls to people with your big face glaring down the lens.

Have a look and download it here.

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