What to do next now that Ovivo has closed down

ovivoAs you will have heard by now, Ovivo has gone under. As the news was rather unexpected, you might well be wondering what you need to do next if you're one of their customers.

Let us see if we can help you out.

If you paid for any of this service via PayPal, you should be able to raise a claim for this - but do it quickly. Sign in to your account here.

If you paid for anything with your Visa card, then payments for services under £100 should be covered under the Visa Chargeback Scheme. For this, contact your bank and not Visa and they should be able to sort you out.

Got any Direct Debits with them? Get them cancelled immediately. Phone your bank.

You can also complain about Ovivo to the Ombudsman. If you'd rather do it in writing or on the phone, the address is:

Ombudsman Services: Communications
PO Box 730
Phone: 0330 440 1614
Textphone: 0330 440 1600

Link to Ombudsman details, or if you prefer, here's a link to Ofcom's details.

If you have the Ovivo sim and want to transfer your number you will need a Pac code. Use this link.

[with thanks to magicjay1986]


  • Jonathan
    Disgusting, I never got round to using my £15 calling credit, opened a PayPal dispute, and escalated it, for them to just reverse it to let the seller **Ovivo** explain theirselves. Not impressed I may just do a Visa chargeback if it falls on deaf ears via PayPal!
  • _Me_
    just to warn you jonathan that Paypal have a horrible habit of clawing back money and using scare tactics http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-1597026/PayPal-is-no-friend-to-us.html
  • BobMac
    Purchased OVIVO service using Paypal on Dec 24th, Paypal rejected claim as more than 45 days have elapsed from date of transaction - disgusting!
  • hudl u.
    Can anyone suggest the best deal out there for a kids "emergency" phone? It'll be used for the odd call and a few texts per month. I don't really want to pay a monthly subscription and don't want unused top ups to expire. I looked at Three's 321 deal but it's for 3G phones only; ie. no good for a cheap handset: http://www.three.co.uk/Store/Pay_As_You_Go_Price_Plans I was thinking of Giffgaff, but you have to buy monthly 'goodbags': www.simforfree.com Any thoughts?
  • common s.
    jeez bitterwallet - how about you get a clue and not encourage people to sing into paypal clicking on links on the internet! You should ALWAYS type the address in yourself for banking websites and other important website - never trust links to these sites and people who run bitterwallet should be more clued up than this to even link to it in the article - just encourages users to become conditioned to clicking on them!
  • Truth T.
    @me, that article is over 8 years old so is not relevant, as PayPal from 8 years ago was nothing like the PayPal of today with things like increased buyer protection etc now in place.
    I got my ovivo SIM card only a week ago, I payed by debit card (VISA) of BARCLAYS, they said I can't get the money back when I use debit card for topup. What should I do. It is 20 pounds for just a week...
  • StripeyMiata
    @hudl user, In the same boat myself, cheapest way I think is buying a Nokia C2-01 for £29.99 on 3 PAYG 321 and sell your kids old phone to Cex/Cash Converters. I read on other forums if you port your number to 3 they will credit you £10 to your account as well. I hate 3 with a passion after having to deal with their retentions department when I used to have a contract with them, but they seem to be the only option.
  • Mickey M.
    It's £20 chill the fuck out, you would have thought Ovivo had hold of your life savings judging by some of the reactions.
  • kolsum i.
    Ordered a sim last sunday received it on Wednesday activated it and then evening time ovivo shut down ,I only used a minute for testing.They knew they will shutting down still they took orders and took people's money . ridiculous.
  • carolyn l.
    Yep well Im in the same boat ordered my sim card money taken off my account on the 18th when they obviously knew they were in trouble - im on jsa and cant afford this was doing it to try and save me money on a mobile now I am left skint and my bank the nationwide said my visa debit card wasnt covered - sick to back teeth
  • LegoBatman
    I didn't order anything off them. (thank fuck) Chill n' Flex
  • buffylass
    I got mine in feb this year still had the £15.00 credit, had used it a couple of times to let friends know of new number, I spoke too paypal on the the phone they said talk to my bank but I opened dispute and escalated it straight away , went to bank they said would send me a form to fill in and would try get a money back from paypal that was 1 week ago so im not holding my breathe, any one who thinks £20.00 is not worth trying to get it back is probably loaded with money , im a pensioner, and like a lot of people who used this firm like me were trying to save money for themselves and cant afford to lose £20.00,
  • Algernon
    Terrible really.
  • Aj
    Here's an alternative to Ovivo giffgaff have cheap 'goodybags' which you can have a look at here: http://giffgaff.com/goodybags and a great community for support as opposed to tedious customer service calls get a sim with £5 free credit here: http://giffgaff.com/orders/affiliate/ajxzzlee

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