What can you do about nuisance mobile calls and texts?

mobile appsNuisance calls to mobiles are on the up, according to Which!!! and everyone who is receiving more bothersome calls.

One in 10 people surveyed by Which!!! said that they'd got more than 20 unwanted calls within the space of a month, with 72% of people saying that they think these calls are on the rise.

So what can you do if your phone is getting too many nuisance calls and texts? Well, for starters, you can register your mobile with the Telephone Preference Service (TPS), just like you can with a landline. Now, the system isn't perfect, but if you're feeling bothered by these calls, it is something you should do, as it will reduce the volume.

Which!!! have partnered with TPS, and you can register your mobile with the TPS for free by texting OPTOUT to 80057. From there, Which!!! will send details of what to do to stop nuisance calls. It is a free service.

The watchdog's executive cheese, Richard Lloyd, said: "With the number of nuisance calls to mobile phones on the rise, it's vital people register their phone if they want to help protect themselves from this everyday menace. The Government, regulators and business need to continue to work together to tackle nuisance calls, with further action to cut them off at source and make senior executives accountable if their company is caught flouting the rules."

You can check out the TPS site by clicking here, and see what steps you can make yourself.

As for troublesome texts, the best thing to do is to delete them and ignore them. Don't reply with 'STOP' or anything like that, as this is most likely to alert the scamsters that the number is active, and they'll pester you even more. If you believe that you've been sent a number that is costing you money, then check to see if the number that sent you the message is a four, five or six-digit number. They're the only ones that can make premium charges to your phone. If think this is the case, then contact your operator. You can also them to the regulator, PhonepayPlus

You can contact your customer service team at your phone operator by the usual numbers, or use one of these numbers:

Orange, O2, T-Mobile and Three: Forward the SMS to 7726

Vodafone: Forward the SMS to VSPAM (87726)

You can also report any numbers to the ICO, but be sure to make a note of the time and date you received the text, what the message said and the number it came from. Make your complaints here: http://www.ico.org.uk/complaints/privacy_and_electronic_communications.aspx.

The Ministry of Justice has a Claims Regulations team, and they can be found here: https://www.claimsregulation.gov.uk/index.aspx. You can email them at [email protected] or by phone on 0845 450 6858 or 01283 233 309 (avoid using the 0845 number from your mobile as it'll cost you).

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