What can Android's Lollipop do, that KitKat couldn't?

android lollipopAndroid 5.0, or Lollipop, is set to be flung out to compatible devices and there's going to be some changes. Some changes will be irritating for everyone no doubt, but there's others that are pretty great.

With the latter, here's some of the cool stuff you can look out for.

Battery and Charging

Instead of charging your battery and staring at it, willing it to juice-up more quickly, Android Lollipop's new OS will show you how long it would take to charge your phone and will also have a little graph showing off how much time is left before the battery does. The home screen will no show you the time until full charge, which is handy.


You know how, on your computer, you can set up guest accounts so other people don't get to nosey around in your business? Well, Lollipop is offering the same thing, so you can add guest users or create a profile for other people. By going to Settings/Users/Add Guest, you'll be able to tailor what they  can do on your phone.


Most phones have some sort of torch on them, but now, Android 5.0 has the flashlight pinned in the notifications panel. Pull down the notification thingy and there it is! Hardly earth-shattering, but it not bad at all for those looking for some nice practical improvements.

Notification panel

Speaking of the notification panel, the new one has been made much easier to use. Unlike KitKat, the most useful feature you'll notice is that you can have the ability to view your notifications on your lock screen. If you're worried about leaving your phone unattended, then you can disable the function in Settings.

Flappy Bird

The new Android 5.0 has an 'easter egg' build-in where you can get a modified version of Flappy Bird. If you want to check it out, go to Settings/About Phone and click it a few times and you'll get the android robot in place of the bird. The game will still irritate you though.


If you've got Chromecast, you'll now be able to access it much easier. Now, you can simply go to the notification panel and tap 'Cast Screen'. No more waiting for the 'Cast This?' pop-up.

Redesigned Soft Keys

Soft key buttons have been updated and the icons are a bit tidier, a little smaller and rather nicely compact.

Prioritise apps

Your phone can get a bit clogged-up when you've been using loads of apps through the day. Lollipop now gives you the opportunity to prioritise which apps you receive notifications from. So, if you're going to bed, you can switch most of them off so you're not flooded with pointless notifications first thing in the morning, or whatever.

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  • RPSeymour
    If you go to Settings/about phone/Android version and click on it a few times you get what looks like the Death Star. Click on it and you get a colour changing lollipop

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