Watch what happens when iPhone users are told Android is the new iOS9

As all sensible people know, it doesn't matter whether you're on Android or Apple, because it is a phone and, only a desperately sad human would define themselves by their operating service.

However, we also know that some people actually do care. They think that by being an Apple Fanboy, or an Android Devotee, they've made a very definite decision about themselves and what kind of person they're projecting themselves to be. [insert obligatory God Help Us If There's A War comment here]

Here at Bitterwallet, we like it when absolutely anyone gets the piss taken out of them, so with that, we go to Alexander Spoor and Sacha Harland, who are behind the Dutch YouTube comedy thingy, 'Dit Is Normal'. They've put a video out which shows Apple Fanboys being told that Android is the new iOS9.

Are they going to say the whole thing is a travesty or will they simply follow the Apple party-line by saying 'of course it is better! Apple is always better!'?

As you can see, some people think the OS is rather swish, saying things like 'I like it a lot!' and referring to the system as "faster, smoother, prettier, and more practical."

If you're an Android Devotee, don't be thinking that this is a victory for Android though - all this shows is that some people are quite dim sometimes. Stop crowing.

Anyway, the conclusion to the clip is that "it doesn't matter what Apple releases because people are going to think it’s prettier, bigger and better than the competition anyway."

What do you think?

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