Watch man cry in Apple shop for a refund

There's nothing quite like a bit of schadenfreude on a Monday morning, taking great glee from someone else's misery!

In this case, we're laughing at a certain Mr Pham who went to a shop called Mobile Air in Singapore to buy his girlfriend an iPhone 6. He paid S$950 for a handset, however, he didn't know he'd also signed up for an agreement which meant he had to pay an additional $1,500 for a one-year warranty for it.

Let this be a lesson to you all. Always read the t&cs.

Pham, after weeping and falling to his knees got $400 back, but was still down $550, which is around two months wages for the factory worker.

You've got two options, if you want to laugh at Mr Pham. You can either laugh at him for splashing out on an expensive iPhone while being on a small wage or, if you prefer, you can just laugh at him for crying on the floor and not battering the person who filmed him while he wailed.

We suppose you could feel sorry for him, but that wouldn't be like you lot.

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  • Fat H.
    So it's not a true Apple store. If it was they would have increased the bill.

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