Watch a Samsung Galaxy S5 getting run over by a SUV

People on the internet love getting new technology and trying to break it. Some people like putting iPads in blenders, while others like breaking PS4s on the day of release, in front of a load of people queuing up to buy one.

Well, the latest instalment in People Breaking Stuff sees a guy reviewing the toughness of the new Galaxy S5 from Samsung. They got the handset, along with the S4, and dropped it numerous times, before getting the SUV out and running it over a poor defenceless phone.

Of course, Samsung will have done loads of their own simulated drop tests, but tech dweebs like doing their own, just to make sure no-one is fibbing.

The people at TechSmart decided to do theirs, as you can see from the video above, in a manner that isn't as exciting as most videos concerning people trashing technology, but the results are reasonably cheering for those thinking of buying a Galaxy S5.

It looks like the Galaxy S5 is a rather durable phone, which is great news for all you clumsy oafs, borderline alcoholic students and vigilantes who are looking at alternative weaponry. If it can withstand a big car driving over it, it should be able to withstand dropping it on a dancefloor or smashing it into someone's skull.

But can it survive Android and Samsung's propensity for filling up your phone with bloatware?

What do you think?

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