Warning: these Chinese iPhone stoves are FAKES

If you get offered one of these iPhone stoves down the pub this weekend, we think you should know that they are FAKES.


The Chinese authorities have confiscated 681 of them but we can’t be certain that hundreds of thousands of others haven’t already spread across the globe like, erm, stove-shaped erm, tentacles. If you’re worried that you might get caught out, we’d advise printing out this news story and carrying it around with you at all times. You’re welcome.


  • Sawyer
    Is it not simply indicating that it's compatible with iPhones? There's probably an associated app for that. I mean, given that there's already an iPhone-compatible toilet roll holder, and an iPhone TV Hat (https://www.buytvhatnow.com/), a stove accessory doesn't sound quite so stupid.
  • Idi A.
    Those boxes would be good scattered around the Foxconn building to break the jumpers' falls.
  • deanlfc95
    If apple did actually make these they would surely be the greatest creation ever
  • Julie 4.
    iPhone stoves?!?! What the heck?? Although... Apple can surely sell anything....
  • Cheesey
    Fanbois are probably queuing at their local Apple Stores right now demanding an iStove.
  • Mike H.
    So these aren't genuine then? Damn it!
  • Boris
    Had one of these for months thanks to my buddy Tim. Don't buy one though; the iStove 2 is out next month. It has dual burners and a multitouch dial on the front.
  • Dick
    Of course they are real. This was a feature Apple put into even ipod nanos. http://www.metro.co.uk/tech/news/881832-apple-recalls-ipod-nanos-over-fire-risk-from-battery
  • Dick
    Apple have done it before. Remember the ipod nano batteries?
  • Mark W.
    Thanks a lot, Bitterwallet. Now Customs will probably seize my shipment of 10,000.
  • Marco P.
    I take it that this does not come with 90 days complimentary apple care support and a steve jobs cookery book?

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