Want to stalk your ex then kill yourself? There's an app for that

Some light mock iPhone ad fodder for your weekend teatime:



  • goon
    is this site sponsored by shitephone or something ? its like on big ad for it
  • c m.
    it seems so
  • Gus
    No, Paul is just a loser apple fanboy ... LOL!
  • dave b.
    goon, c man & gus - keep saving one day you will be able to afford one and then maybe you'll be less bitter, sad men.
  • Shadow
    brilliant! taking miccy of iphone
  • Maude
    It's amazing just how much Apple resentment there is out there. Some people like Apple products. Just because you can only afford a Dell special and a reconditioned Nokia 2810, there's no need for the hostility.
  • Jim
    @Maude The Dell special, at one third the price, will have a better graphics card and will probably run OSX.
  • Shadow
    @Maude Its called not being scammed. 2.5 x cost of same spec of a windows based system is ludicrous and unjust.
  • CBM
    @ Jim It won't run the OSX half as well, and on most occasions a Dell the third of the price would have an internal graphics card or a cheap dedicated one which isn't really worth it. Also, Dell are shoddy. :)
  • Mewling P.
    Yeah, and it can't multitask like the iPhone. Oh wait...
  • dj d.
    I like apple - a nice big juicy granny smith or a pink lady is always nice.
  • CBM
    Push alerts say hello.
  • bobbin t.
    Actual multitasking says up yours, as does my bluetooth file transfer. But hey, enjoy your shiny overpriced toy!
  • Gus
    @ Dave Berry "Macintosh computers are the popular kids of the computing industry. They are shiny, pretty, never get sick, and all generally look the same. For those with the money and with little computing ability they are great computers. The average Mac fan on the other hand is quite the opposite. They are the arm chair liberals, dirty stinking hippies, you know the type. The white kid with dreads, the hippie girl with a trust fund, your average coffee shop customer who loves to type in public over the latest latte flavor. These people are so annoying and only bought their computer because it fits into their pre-determined self image. When asked why they love to recite the TV commercials; “Oh they are so intuitive” or the ever popular “They never get viruses.” There are plenty of reasons to use a Macintosh; the proprietary hardware and software guarantees, better integration between the two, faster graphic computing ability, and simple one version OS to name a few. But that’s not why these annoying people buy them, they just love their pretty little shiny thing and love to tell people about their self righteous purchase."
  • c m.
    some of us dont want just a jumped up flashy gui, when it comes with crummy hardware, draconian syle drm and costs a bomb, all of you with the isheep ,you most be a marketing departments dream. you seem to think you are purchasing status and prestige somehow!, what your purchasing is the im a thick twat symbol.
  • andy y.
    how much can people argue over a fucking phone?
  • Shogun S.
    Nice title. I still don't have a darn iPhone. Haven't got rid of the blackberry yet.
  • Existentialist T.
    If I had an iPhone, I'd want to kill myself anyway, probably by connecting the exhaust of my BMW/Audi to my window, then breathing deeply... Ah hang on, because I've got an Audi/BMW, I wanted to kill myself before I got an iPhone, bollox.

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