Want to see where Google have tracked you?

Google-Maps You know that Google tracks your every movement don't you? Unless you've tinkered with the location settings on your phone, they know where you've been going. Including that late night jog you went on... to a massage parlour.

Well, if you didn't know, there's a map online, where you can see to what level Google have been following you around.

Of course, many of you will look at your map and realise that you've got the life-radius of a beetle tied to a nail, walking around in ever decreasing circles.

You'll have to log in with your Google account, but once you do, you'll see a 2D map with a record of where you've been for the last month. Whether you think this is a cause for concern is your business, but looking at the map of your recent history might make you feel a bit weird in a Minority Report kinda way.

Have a look at the map of your whereabouts here.


  • Ol' P.
    I was hoping it went back a bit further so I could view a map from a holiday I took last year. It would have compensated from all the months where it appears I never seem to go anywhere but home, work, and the pub.
  • Mockingbird
    Could the RSBP utilize this ? or even strap a smartphone to your pet cat...
  • Slacker
    Thanks for that, confirms that all the fiddling I did with this phone when I got it was worth the effort :D

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