Vodafone have a LOT of explaining to do

You would think that if someone hacks into your mobile phone account, and then unlocks a (possibly stolen) iphone and starts charging their bill to you, that your mobile provider might do something about it. You’d think that they would be FALLING OVER THEMSELVES to fix your compromised account.


But no. When this happened to one customer, avid Bitterwallet reader Mr Confused in November, Vodafone’s response was lukewarm to say the least. When he found out about it early in December, Vodaphone promised to open a fraud case and said they would call back in a few days.

Days passed. Weeks passed. Christmas came and went. On December 31st Mr Confused called them, only to be told that the fraud case had been deemed ‘invalid’. When he got (understandably) upset that they didn't bother to tell him, Vodafone’s Twitter support team advised Joe to send them an email, so he did.

On January 2nd, Vodafone called back to tell him he would get a call back in two weeks.

On January 15th, having not received a call back, Mr Confused called them again, and the call centre lackey got his name wrong, calling him ‘Mr Bains’ and giving him details of Mr Bains’ account - which obviously wasn’t his account. After happily imparting someone else’s sensitive information over the phone, the call centre guy told him to call the fraud team. When he contacted the fraud team, they had no idea what he was talking about. AAAAAAAARRRRGH.

So essentially, a customer’s account was compromised, nobody really did anything about it, and then Vodafone compromised another customer’s personal details in the process of not really doing anything about it. Mr Confused is now Mr Furious, and despite contacting Vodafone over Twitter and Facebook several times, he is -as far as we know - still waiting for an explanation and an apology.


Over to you, Vodafone.


  • pedant
    It's Vodafone!
  • jokester4
    This comes as no surprise. Vodafone are simply a bunch of con-merchants and fraudsters and their customer service is non-existent. They also charge many users £2/MB for data in the UK (outside of their allowance) but these same users could go outside the UK and get charged less for using roaming data... Also, for some reason, if for example you have 500mins, unlimited texts and 1GB data for £30 a month and you do not go above your allowance, your Vodafone bill will typically be above £40 but any other network will only be £30.... either they are just making up fake charges, or they are charging for things that no other UK network does...
  • fedup
    This is what happens when you rely on dodgy foreign call centres. Nothing gets followed up, nothing gets resolved. It's a joke and a bad one at that.
  • Big M.
    ^ I, on the other hand, skip the articles to get to the comments.

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