Vodafone's iPhone 4 tariffs revealed early

We've an inbox rammed to the rim with emails about Vodafone leaking their new iPhone tariffs a little too early - their pricing went live before midnight, which appears to have been the embargo on pre-order information. Fortunately, an avid reader of Engadget managed a screen-grab before the details were taken down (they're still not back up):

Bitterwallet - Vodafone iPhone4

At least Vodafone haven't opted for the ridiculous 500MB caps that O2 are planning to introduce on iPhone 4 for the lower tariffs, and throwing in a European data allowance for brief dalliances abroad is is a nice touch. We should find out how the tariffs compare to the other networks later today. For the 32GB price plans, head over to Engadget.


  • Liam G.
    I'm an avid reader of Bitterwallet, too :P I just didn't figure you guys would want me to tip you ;)
  • Paul S.
    Hooray! Sir, you are the king of avid readers! (PS next time, yes please!)
  • Tom
    Already been debunked vy Voda as a test page and not to be taken as final pricing.
  • Peter F.
    I'm asuming that they're using BT Openzone as their 3G and Edge services are utterly useless and it's the only way you're likely to get a decent connection, come back O2, all is forgiven.
  • Paul S.
    It's fairly detailed for a test page, and not a million miles from what might be expected. I wouldn't have thought the final tariffs are too far from what's been seen... or that Vodafone 'accidentally' made that page live. Very easy way to grab the headlines with very little effort.
  • Dom
    If you have a search on twitter for 'Orange tariffs' they've been leaked too... albeit it's a rubbish screencap.
  • Bob
    Both 18 and 24 month contracts are exactly the same...
  • Bob
    Wait, no, I r retard.
  • Ashok
    The same story is posted in hukd yesterday evening then it is removed by mod's......12 hours before posting this story...The prices are revealed by endgadget...

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