Vodafone, you’re dumped, says BT

26 March 2014

EE_4G_cities Oh, BT, you fickle mistress. One minute it’s all over Vodafone, whispering sweet nothings about free minutes and text bundles, then as soon as EE comes along with his superfast 4G, it never calls Vodafone again.

Today BT has announced that they will be replacing their current mobile partner Vodafone, because it turns out that the size of your bandwidth really DOES matter. Business customers who buy mobile services from BT will be transferred to the EE network straight away, with BT promising ‘a seamless transition’ for customers.

BT’s been talking about how much they fancied EE and his big sexy Everything Everywhere 4G pants since October, but now they’ve confirmed the deal, which will give BT mobile customers access to 2G, 3G and 4G. They’re also saying that they’re planning to announce their own 4G plans later in the year, which will be ‘complementary’ to EE’s existing services.

Hmm, that’s all very well, but what about Vodafone, sitting sadly outside the all night garage with nothing but a can of Monster drink and a broken heart?


  • Gordon E.
    Will Bitterwallet EVER manage to spell Vodafone correctly?
  • James H.
    It's 'Vodafone'
  • Sawyer
  • Paul D.
    Who the fuck are Vodaphone? I'm on Vodafone personally.
  • Ian
    Voda who?
  • great s.
  • Liam
    Probably has more to do with Voda's buyout of Cable and Wireless which competes with BT Wholesale.
  • youngy
  • Rich
    VodaFONE ...oh they changed it already.

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