Vodafone WorldTraveller data cap ain't all that

vodafone Vodafone data cap is a load of crap.

It has transpired that the mobile company's £5 WorldTraveller data cap, which lets you use your regular data allowance when on holiday, doesn't apply to mobile broadband deals.

So while those with a phone and a pay monthly plan will be able to pay an extra fiver to use their phone as they normally would, you won’t be able to do the same if you’ve got a USB dongle or a wireless MiFi.

Vodafone have admitted that, while you can't use the MiFis abroad without totalling up a huge bill, you can use WiFi tethering on your phone to connect to other devices.

The £5 a day WorldTraveller deal can be used in the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa. It complements Vodafone’s existing EuroTraveller deal, which currently costs £2 a day and is going up to £3 in August.

The Vodafone offer is not unlike Three's Feel at Home deal, except that Three lets customers use their UK minutes, text and data for no extra cost in some countries.

This new offer also comes ahead of EU talks on abolishing roaming charges altogether. As data roaming in the EU has been capped at 20 cents per MB, and customers will have to weigh up whether Vodafone’s daily offer works out better than just letting your phone roam as usual.

If you’re outside Vodafone’s WorldTraveller and EuroTraveller countries, you won’t be charged any more than £41.29 for data. Once you’ve reached this ceiling limit you’ll be sent a text and you won’t be able to access internet services, unless you opt out and agree to pay more.

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