Vodafone scraps roaming in 40 countries

Vodafone roaming

The EU are scrapping roaming charges, and some companies are pre-emptively slashing the costs on theirs. Tesco Mobile have done it, and now, Vodafone are doing it.

They've added added all-inclusive roaming to its 12 and 24 pay monthly bundles, which will basically give existing and new customers the chance to use 4GB of data whilst overseas.

Of course, iD and Three UK are doing similar things too, which is good news for all travelling smartphone owners.

As for the EU rules, if you missed it, there's plans to scrap all EU roaming charges by 2017.

Now, all eyes are on EE and O2 who have failed to announce their savings for customers.

With Vodafone now offering free roaming in 40 countries, and Tesco getting on-board, EE and O2 are looking rather miserly at the moment. Being optimistic, it shouldn't be too long before they're making their own gestures toward all this.


  • Jb66

    They haven't scapped roaming.  They have scrapped roaming charges

    • LW28

      And Three are very selective on where you can avoid roaming charges. Macau anyone? 

  • jmr107

    And not applied to existing customers when I checked. I don't need to worry. Despite several attempts with their customer service, my SIM never works abroad. 

  • stevemul

    I use Three UK because I'm told that it includes free data within my plan in Spain and Ireland . In reality, the service is far inferior when abroad. I am convinced that this whole roaming thing is a fiasco. All the Companies will find ways to reduce their customers use abroad by slowing down the signal or signal dropping to discourage use. They think we don't realise - we do!

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