Vodafone put prices up, by loads!

vodafone We all know that Vodafone are an unscrupulous bunch, but today, they might have raised prices to the point where people will actually want to leave them for pastures new.

They've put a lot of prices up, for the times customers go outside of their packages. So if you go over your minutes, now you'll be paying 37.5p per minute. If you phone 084 numbers, that's gone from 19.17p a minute to 37.5p.

In fact, if you look at the changes, pretty much everything has been changed to 37.5p per minute.

Vodafone realise that this might make you want to ditch them, and say: "We appreciate this may mean your monthly bills increase by more than the Retail Price Index of 0.9 per cent, so we’re giving you the opportunity to end your agreement with us without charge. To do this, simply write to us within 30 days of the receipt of this communication at Vodafone Customer Care, Vodafone House, The Connection, Newbury, Berkshire RG14 2FN."

Of course, this isn't a charitable thing on Vodafone's part, but rather, a legal requirement that was introduced by Ofcom in 2014. Don't be thinking they do anything out of the goodness of their hearts.

You can see all the info over at Vodafone's page about the price rises.


  • Nick C.
    Does this mean anyone on a Vodafone contract regardless if they go over their price plan can cancel there contract?
  • ant
    What happens if you want to cancel and you have a phone with them and are halfway through your contract? do you keep the phone?
  • dvdgremlin
    well I'm paying £10.40 for unlimited calls and txt so no problem for me until I renew in 10 months :) Lets see how soon the others put up their prices too.
  • paulh
    they have two links www.vodafone.co.uk/pricingupdatepaym1 with the one I've linked to minus the Ofcom blurb Is this a sly way for them to abuse other customers they've already fleeced?
  • Albi
    Have you heard Vodafone's 'Ready Business' radio ads with Peter Sissons? 30 seconds of cliched marketing bullshit after which 500 words have been spoken but none of them meant a single thing. And pay your sodding tax.
  • Mark H.
    Actually 45p a minute when you include VAT. That sounds kinda expensive.
  • Ben
    Hi Guys, As much as I hate Vodafone i worked for them for 8 years and trust me 8years ago it was a completely different network, Customer was 1st priority now its seems to have shifted to £££... However Just to clarify, Unless you Bill has increased by 10% as a result of a price change - NOT POUT OF BUNDLE CHARGES. Then they don't legally have to cancel it however they're are loop holes i.e. legal precedents you can use to aid you in getting the above result I'm more than happy to help out IF ANYBODY NEEDS IT!
  • laura p.
    Hi I don't understand how I can get out of my contract.... can someone please explain.... sorry I'm not too bright! :) x
  • Louise
    how does this work if you have a phone on contract? Do you have to send the phone back?
  • rianna
    They haven't sent me anything so I can cancel! Keep adding on to my end date though - every time I talk to some one!
  • Fred
    Hi Ben, I would love some more information if that is at all possible. I have been on a contract with Vodafone for around a year and have had numerous issues and extra charges. If you could divulge a way of getting out of this contract i would be very grateful. :)
    • Mof G.
      At 1pm, we'll have a How To Guide on how you can switch contracts on the site. The above info in the article applies to price increases that are mid-term, so you shouldn't be charged for terminating your contract.
  • Leanne
    Yes Ben, I'd love to know more please. Vodafone are a nightmare & I'd love to know about loopholes to get out of my contract.
  • Natash
    Write them a letter and say exactly what it says , I rang them to confirm and it's true so I sent of my paperwork today so hoping to get out of this rubbish contract
  • Ian
    The Ofcom requirement to set rates at the same level for multiple number ranges applies only to the Access Charge element for unbundled tariff calls to 084, 087, 09 and 118. Vodafone have gone several steps further in setting the out of bundle rates for calls to landlines, mobiles, offshore numbers, personal numbers and various other ranges to 45p per minute, including VAT. These other calls have termination rates varying from under 2p per minute to over 50p per minute. It makes absolutely no sense to charge them all at the same rate. The new rates are extortionate.

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