Vodafone pushes faulty OS update on HTC Legend customers

Bitterwallet - Vodafone release buggy OS for HTC LegendSoftware updates are the way of the world in the age of smartphones. We recently covered Apple's successful attempts at bricking the iPhone 3G with their new iOS 4 operating system, and today it's the turn of Android. Sort of. It seems the real villain of the piece are our friends at Vodafone.

Yesterday, Vodafone released a software update for owners of the HTC Legend, which promised a handful of improvements and enhanced features. Unfortunately, some customers downloading the update, including avid Bitterwallet reader Nick, found there was a bug with the way SMS messages were displayed - new texts were displayed last in the folder, not first, meaning users had to scroll through all their old messages every time they received an SMS. It's an error that rendered the SMS functionality "almost useless" according to one customer on Vodafone's forums.

The thing is, a similar bug had cropped up in an update released just a week before by HTC themselves - an update Vodafone didn't pass on to customers and denied any knowledge of - and that update was then pulled by the manufacturer. So somewhat inexplicably, it seems Vodafone have released a new software update to HTC Legend customers that's based on a version pulled because of bugs.

How did that happen then? Vodafone customer ac75 summarises the possibilities:

Either VF have turned around the testing on this update much quicker than the last one (in that we never actually got it), or it's not been as thorough. Also, the bugs in this release have been clearly documented in several places so surely that's something to check before actually releasing to the public?

According to customers in the forums, the faulty update was pulled by Vodafone this morning, but none of the staff have yet explained to these customers how to correct the issues or rollback to a previous version of the OS. Brilliant.

Still, it's only their first screw-up of the week; this morning Vodafone also released an update for HTC Desire owners - but not the Froyo update everyone was expecting. Instead it updated Vodafone's own branding, added Vodafone apps and their own bookmarks. Vodafone - putting Vodafone first. Again.


  • PaulH
    Just buy an iPhone4...Failing that, leave Vodafone
  • Merlin
    ^ What he said.
  • Morocco
    Because of course, buying a pricey new handset and / or taking out a long term contract is exactly how you should react under these circumstances, isn't it?
  • dvdj
    Wow sarcasm alert! Got lots of shiny new icons and stuff on my Desire (unbranded T-Mob handset) update yesterday.
  • The B.
    Yeah, I'm going to de-brand my Desire tonight, I'm fed up with the Vodacunts.
  • maxtweenie
    Vodafone also stuffed the Desire yesterday, pushing an update everyone thought was froyo which turned out to be full of their shitty apps and links to dating sites. Wankers.
  • Paul M.
    How do we unbrand our Legend phone? This is now the second phone that Voda have messed up with their shoddy testing. I returned my Sony Satio because of it.
  • Gordon
    Vodafone's inept skirting round the issue on their eforum is atrocious. The whole company seems devoid of anything approaching customer service, much less customer satisfaction. I will NOT be with Vodafone when my Legend contract is up.
  • NX3
    The responce from VF on the eforums is a joke. "There are certainly various examples of changes as a result of the firmware update, as always we collect feedback and note any queries regarding what has been resolved or any pending issues" WTF does that mean ? Plain english please.... HTC know they fucked up, VF wake up......
  • Vodafone B.
    [...] Where to start with this one. Well, it’s Vodafone, so we didn’t bat an eyelid – they really can’t help themselves when it comes to helping themselves – to the detriment of their customers. Surely they can’t screw up again so soon after the last time? [...]
  • JFIW
    I rang VF this morning about and they had, a) no idea the forum or complaint existed (liars) b) wanted me to take a video of the complaint and send it to them! They say the more people complain the fast it might be fixed. Bloomin' wonderful.
  • BurningFeetMan
    http://forum.vodafone.co.uk/topic/70551-htc-desire-new-firmware-but-not-22 Vodafone playing with everyones phone it seems. Vodafone installing pr0n links and calling it an update....oh dear... Probably time i left VF
  • Steviewonderboy
    Ok, I won't take the update then. :) All telco's are crap at customer service. They don't care they have you on contract and they will get thier money. You can bet your bottom dollar VF will not do anything to fix this. They probably have some Offshore Project Manager who can't work out his arse from his elbow, much less test or bug fix a release. Thanks for the heads up.
  • Ollie
    Unwittingly downloaded this for my Legend 4 days ago before the storm kicked up. The message functionality has been ruined and having read about Vodafone's botched update, I enquired in my local store where the handset was bought from 2 weeks ago. They said it was HTC's problem, not Vodafone's. Argh they will never receive a recommendation from me, help!
  • Gordon
    It would be a real shame if folk were to schedule loads of tweets to @VodafoneUK using services like CoTweet or Twuffer requesting a fix for this broken Legend firmware and demanding a speedy resolution to our woes, as our Desire-owning brothers have recently managed to get Vodafone to agree to. Although this would no doubt help highlight our cause, it would be a pity if it prevented Vodafone being able to use their Twitter account properly, yeah?
  • ben
    VF have messed up bigtime wtf they have broken my phone only had it a week and when I rang them up they said they don't know anything about it
  • Gus
    Guys you can fix the problem by just getting a new text message ap. I've been using handcent for ages.

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