Vodafone price hike could see bill increase of more than 10%

old man on phone Technically, Vodafone isn’t putting up its prices. Well, not its contract prices anyway. But its recent Fixed Price Promise means that if you go over your monthly allowance, they’ll charge you higher rates – potentially hoiking up your bill by 10%.

From 28th June, if you’ve used up your allowance, you’ll pay 5p more per minute for calls (from 40p to 45p). Texts will go up from 15p to 18p and 250mb of data will cost £6.50, rather than £6. There’s 5p extra slapped onto international texts, too, with calls to freephone (ha!) numbers being increased from 14p to 20.4p.

Why the price increase for the same old guff, Vodafone? Well, they really couldn’t help it. A spokesrobot said:

‘Like most businesses in the UK our costs are rising so we need to review our prices now and again. Because of this we're increasing the rates you'll pay when you go outside your monthly allowance of minutes, texts and data.

You can avoid paying any of these charges by making sure you're on the right plan for you - with the right amount of minutes, texts and data - so you can enjoy a worry-free mobile experience.’

Yeah, yeah. But under Ofcom’s new rules, the good news is that you can change providers without incurring any penalties – just let them know by 28th June.

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  • Mr M.
    This has come 2 years to late for me, having had to endure the shittiest network in the UK my contract is now up for cancellation.

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