Vodafone offering 76Mbps broadband, with Netflix

vodafone Vodafone are offering 76 Mbps fixed broadband and a year of free Netflix to go with it, all over the country, which sounds alright.

So what's the deal? Well, the new plug-and-play Vodafone routers will preside over 22 million homes across Britain, and promises to bring unlimited data at quite the lick. You'll need to install a Vodafone Connect mobile app in your smartphone.

Through the app, Vodafone reckon you'll be able to fine tune your WiFi signals to favour a particular device, or you'll be able to use Beamforming technology, which apparently makes WiFi signals get to every compatible gadget in your house.

And then there's the one free year of Netflix thrown in with the offer, too.

There's a bunch of packages to choose from. You can have 17 Mbps Broadband ASDL to 38Mbps Superfast Fibre Broadband and the fastest 76 Mbps Superfast Fibre+ Broadband.

Obviously, this deal will favour those who are existing Vodafone mobile customers, who will get £5 off every month on the standard price for the duration of your contract. If you're not, the Easy Switching service aims to make you a Vodafone customer in a much slicker, simpler way. If you hate Vodafone, this will all be making you irritable. Don't worry. No-one is forcing you.

If this sounds like your bag, then you can sign up online here, or go to one of the Vodafone shops. If you're a Vodafone customer and would rather ring someone, dial 191.

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