Vodafone launch free iPhone sat nav app - we say it isn't worth it


They’ve got the iPhone and now Vodafone have leapt into the warm and welcoming turn-by-turn sat nav app waters and splashed about a bit before curling out a new turn-by-turn sat nav app. It’s called Navigation, and it’s ABSOLUTELY FREE. Free for now anyway.

Vodafone obviously hope that the app will pose a serious threat to the likes of Tom Tom and Co-Pilot’s apps, offering theirs at just £3.00 a month compared to their pricier rivals.

The app comes as Vodafone become the latest mobile provider to offer up the iPhone and the app will only function on iPhones that have Vodafone SIM cards. The blurb claims that the app has “turn-by-turn navigation, including voice instructions and speed camera alerts, for any location in the UK.”

As well as the free initial download, Navigation will be free to use until April – after that Vodafone subscribers can have it added on to their tariff at £3.00 a month, or make a one-off payment of £5.00 to use it on a one-off occasion.

At the moment, the TomTom UK & Ireland app costs £49.99 while the Co-Pilot app can be had for just £24.99. Neither come with any subscription charges, meaning that for by the end of the year, you’ll have handed over enough subscription dosh to Vodafone to have paid for the Co-Pilot app for keeps, forever.

With that in mind, we’ve put Vodafone Navigation through the new ‘Hit or Shit?’ review filter that we’ve just this minute made up, and we declare it to be… SHIT!


  • Gadget 4.
    Is there a minimum subscription period? If not then I guess in certain scenerios if you only want it for a month or two every now and then it might worth it (depening on the quality of the app of course) but other than market it prob won't do so well.
  • Businessman
    Five years ago satnav was something neat. Now you can get one anywhere for forty quid so where do Vodafone think they are going with this? I wouldn't pay anything for their app whether monthly nor one-off.
  • Free B.
    [...] week we reported on Vodafone’s sat nav iPhone app with its £3 a month subscription fee. Seven days on and it now looks as relevant as tracking your [...]

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