Vodafone gives everything to charity

GokaFon-20We don't like to think of massive mobile phone companies as being desperately altruistic, but with today's launch of JustTextGiving by Vodafone, we have gone all warm and fuzzy inside.

Vodafone have  invested £5m into the new project which has been set up with JustGiving, the online fundraiser which takes a small percentage of the donations it handles. However, this new scheme will pass on every penny to the charities because the fee usually levied by JustGiving will be paid by Vodafone. Bravo.

Donors will be able to give up to £10 a time to any of Britain’s 184,000 registered charities that register with the scheme. Once a charity has registered, by claiming a 'codename' consisting of four letters and two numbers, the code can then be texted, along with the gift amount to the number 70070. Donors will also be sent a Gift Aid text allowing the charities to reclaim tax, thus boosting the value of donations by up to 1/4.

Gifts will automatically be distributed to the chosen charity; the money will either be added to the donor’s monthly mobile bill or taken from the pay-as-you-go balance. The system will work with any network provider, not just Vodafone.

Such mobile donations are expected to appeal to the younger generation especially, but making it easy for people to donate is seen as a key strength. Comic Relief  raised millions of pounds earlier this year through its text giving service, including£2.6m from the Chris Moyles show alone. And any system where the charity ends up getting 100% of your money is a score in our book, even if it is a huge publicity stunt.

Of course, if you are feeling particularly generous, we are in the process of setting up the BitterWallet writers' fund (BWWF11)*...

* This is actually a joke. Do not go and donate using this code as who knows what you may be lending your cash towards- the British Wildfowl Waxing Foundation, the Birmingham Women Wearing Fishnets sanctuary or even the Ban Wet Willies in France group. You have been warned.


  • Marky M.
    Aw, bless! Now pay your fucking taxes Vodafone and everybody can benefit.
  • Dick
    Surely everyone knows it is the British Whippet Wankers First 11. I applied for tickets to see them at the olympics.
  • Steve
    @Marky Mark Fucking great isn't it? Hounded relentlessly by the government for under £200 yet they allow a huge company to avoid paying £Billions in tax. Cunts.
  • The B.
    Justgiving are fleecing so and so's as it stands, they take 5% of any money you donate, on top of that they take money off for card transaction fees so you lose around 8% of any money you give straight off the bat, you're better off giving direct to the charity that way they get it all.
  • Laurz
    vodafone are like a shit modern day robin hood aren't they. they've stole from us all and then given a tiny tiny percentage of that stolen money to charity. I think i'll copy their lead and empty the tills at the local vodafone store. I'll give 50 quid to a local homeless bloke and pocket the rest myself. I wonder if I'll be praised for my charitable actions. Nope? Thought not.

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