Vodafone gives 4G to all pay monthly customers

vodafone The folks at Vodafone are offering all pay monthly customers super-fast 4G service, regardless of what tariff they're on. This was formerly reserved for people on pricier plans, but now, everyone can get at it.

They've also said that a 4G service will be offered to customers signed up to Data On The Go Bundles as well, so while you're on holiday or whatever, you'll be able to watch more videos of cats and Vine clips while drinking by the pool.

Another thing they're doing, is boosting the data allowances on SIM-only Red Value Bundles and Data on The Go Bundles.

On the Red Value SIM-only bundles, you'll be able to make calls home for free in the bits of Europe covered in Vodafone’s Europe Zone, and you'll get three months’ unlimited data with all SIM-Only plans through Vodafone’s Data Test Drive promotion.

They're not messing around, are they?

Cindy Rose, Consumer Director at Vodafone UK, said: "Our customers have made it clear just how much they love having generous data allowances as part of their pay monthly bundles. So, if they want to enjoy more brilliant entertainment with a Now TV Entertainment Pass, Spotify Premium or Sky Sports Mobile TV streamed on our ultrafast 4G, they can!"

"With our new bundle structure and Fixed Price Promise, Vodafone customers have the flexibility and security to enjoy more of what they love safe in the knowledge their line rental cost will remain the same for the contract term, making Vodafone the network the puts customers in control."

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