Video and group chats from Twitter

Bitterwallet - Twitter's @earlybird Twitter have been tinkering with themselves again, launching two new things for their social network.

In what is a clear move to thwart some of the contenders that are stealing some of Twitter's userbase, they've decided to add video capture to their mobile app, which allows you to record, edit and share clips of up to 30 seconds in length. Saves linking to Vine videos, right?

If you're an iPhone user, you can import and edit existing videos from your camera roll and, if you're on Android, then that'll be 'coming soon'.

Twitter have also added a group messaging function, which means you can tweet at a load of people at the same time in your DMs, as well as out in the open.

Updates are rolling out as we speak, but of course, if you're on Android, the Google Play update won't actually tell you what's new, unlike all other updates, so leave it to us to let you know what the craic is.

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