Viber - for the next time Skype goes on the blink

In the past 24 hours, Skype has suffered an unusually long outage, forcing users across the world to curse under their breath and find alternative products for instant messaging and free phone calls.

Another one to throw into the pot is a new iPhone app called Viber. It's a free app, and means free calls to anyone else using the app via 3G or WiFi. Unlike a lot of similar apps, Viber uses push notifications to alert a user to an incoming call - there's no need for the app to be open at both ends to place calls.


  • PokeHerPete
    How much are Viber paying you?
  • yak
    so could this work with the latest ipod touches
  • will
    cheers BW for the useful info x
  • michael
    Why they need to pay him? it's a great app. (Who is paying you to leave this comment?)
  • Rej
    Viber is the best thing so far. It is WhatsApp Voice. Totally bypass the voice network and once your code is setup, it can run 100% wifi only. The sound quality is also the best so far. Even better than Skype. How do they make money?
  • Viber
    Hi everyone, this is the Viber Development Team, thanks for the review and the comments, we're so happy to see so many people using Viber and posting their feedback about it. heh - we did not pay for this article. but I would like to use this opportunity to tell you that if you have any other questions regarding Viber, you can either ask me here, or visit our Support Forums at Thanks and Merry Christmas, the Viber Team.
  • Antonia R.
    I have Viber om my android phone, can I have it for my windows 8 PC?????

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