Until the end of July, iPhone 4 for existing O2 customers only

Bitterwallet - O2 FAILThe debacle that has been the UK launch of the iPhone 4 has been well documented by this esteemed organ, and things are only going to get worse for those wanting to buy into the iPhone 4 hysteria.

O2 has just announced the handset will be available to existing customers only when it's released on Thursday. Everyone else - you've got some time to kill:

iPhone stock will be extremely limited in the UK at launch and not everybody who wants one will be able to get one straight away. We want to make sure that our existing customers get priority so until at least the end of July, only existing O2 customers will be able to get an iPhone 4 from us.

iPhone 4 will not be available on the o2.co.uk online shop until at least the end of July.

Who can buy iPhone 4?

This exclusive iPhone 4 offer is open to our mobile, mobile broadband, home broadband and home phone customers who have been with us since at least 24 May 2010.


  • Phill
    Nice to see that a company cares more for its existing customers than gaining new ones though. Unlike some we could name *cough* SKY *cough*
  • Chris S.
    By the time the average joe gets the thing it will be halfway out of date. Keeping my 3g thanks very much, does everything i need :D
  • Paul C.
    Fair play to O2. At least loyalty counts for something. It also puts a positive spin on limited handsets that would never have met demand. I think a lot of current O2 customers who are looking to get the next gen would be better off upgrading now than later and trading their current iPhones in for cash to offset the cost of an 18 month contract. Particularly at the £35/£40 tariffs.
  • Pete
    It's a great way to alienate new customers, it certainly helps me make my choice of network easier. Sorry O2, I'm not waiting for you.
  • tony
    think i am heading to vodafone now, 1gb monthly allowance and 25 quid for 24 months 200+ for handset. i think they have the best deal atm. and they are offering to all at launch not just there own. o2 can go feck themselfs... they will lose out more than any other network on this new iphone.
  • 3dtv
    I'll stick with my 3GS with unlimited data on O2. When the time comes to upgrade, I'll buy a iPhone 4 on eBay, stick my old sim in and continue to get unlimited data. Problem solved.
  • Tesco B.
    [...] Tesco are attempting to sweeten the deal with triple Clubcard points for every £1 spent on topping up with Pay As You Go deals, and a 1000 point bonus for signing up plus triple points for every £1 of your monthly bill. One question that Tesco haven’t answered is that of availability – mobile providers are already struggling to meet demand and imposing restrictions ahead of the release. [...]

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