Unauthorised apps cost parents £30m

whatsapp Stupid children buying unauthorised apps on their parents smartphones and tablets are costing hardworking adults around £30m, according to a study.

The survey found sprogs were increasing parents' bills by around £34 a month. Do some maths and you end up at £30m being wasted by snotty little berks poking buttons they shouldn't be with their horrible little fingers.

Apparently, eight-year-olds are running up the highest bills, adding an average of £59.59, while over a third of kids aged four and under have made purchases without permission.

Of course, the real idiots here are the one in five parents who give their children their passwords, and the quarter of parents who don't even have a security password. One in ten kids are allowed to use smartphones etc, completely unsupervised.

The Windows Phone UK-commissioned study said unauthorised purchases had an estimated cost of £30,883,157 in total, with Brett Siddons saying: "Our research reveals parents are worried about the impact of app and in-app purchases on their bills and we understand the stress this can cause. With technology becoming more and more intuitive, it's important that parents can trust in the technology they use and feel as safe as possible when handing over their smartphone and tablet devices to their children."

According to the survey, children spend an average of three hours and 21 minutes per week playing games and using apps.

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