Uber to let you book in advance

Uber to let you book in advance

Uber are offering a new thing, where you can book journeys (up to) 30 days in advance.

Now, for the moment, it is only happening in That London, but if it proves to be successful in the capital, then it will surely get rolled out across the rest of the Uber towns.

Now, in a bid to squeeze pennies out of customers, there might be a 'surge price' applied if you schedule your cab for a time that is perceived to be 'peak hours', but still, you'll be able to book it in advance if you're going to the airport or wherever.

If the cab is too expensive for you, you will be able to cancel it, so don't fret too much - you'll still be able to go with the local private hire firm if that suits you better.

Uber will have a small administrative headache, trying to work out which driver comes to pick you up and all that, but that's not your concern. Why would you care about that?

If you end up getting delayed, and will be late to your cab (let's say your train gets to the station in a tardy fashion), then you'll have to convince the driver he needs to wait, which seems like a pain.

Uber said last week, that they'd made a pre-tax loss of £394 million in the last quarter, which means they've amassed a $4 billion loss over their seven year history.

With pre-booked cabs fix this? Unlikely, so we'll have to see what they've got in store to turn things around.

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