Uber to let you book in advance

Uber to let you book in advance

You've been able to hail an Uber with your phone, but it looks like you'll be able to book one in advance soon.

The taxi service have announced that customers are going to be to book a car through the app 30 minutes before you need one, and up to 30 days ahead of time.

Previously, Uber's chief executive officer Travis Kalanick rubbished the idea, as Uber was making enough money without messing around with what they offered.

However, when Uber's rival Lyft started toying with the idea a couple of months ago, it seems there may have been a change of heart.

Now, for the time being, it looks like Uber are only doing this in America, with the advance booking service appearing in Seattle, and plans to roll out to other American cities.

In a blog, Uber said: "Scheduled rides have been a top requested feature at Uber since the very early days, even though we're an on-demand company, we totally get it. Sometimes you want that extra reassurance."

"Emotionally, it's a big reassurance that we can provide to folks," added the blog.

Uber tend to roll out all their services to the rest of the world, so if you're in a city with an Uber service, you could pre-book at taxi too.

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