Uber to fine you if you're late

Uber to fine you if you're late

Uber are introducing a number of new features for people who drive for them, and one of them is a system where passengers can be fined if they keep a driver waiting two or more minutes.

Drivers are also going to be able to specify their routes, so it fits in with their own journeys, as well as letting drivers pause ride requests and get paid instantly.

This fining system is the headline grabber though, and has already been tested out in New York, Dallas, and other places in America.

Drivers are allowed to add $5 or $10 to someone's bill if they have to wait for more than two minutes. Of course, there's already a penalty, where passengers who don't get in the Uber vehicle at all, are charged.

As for the routes thing, it is called Driver Destinations, and will let drivers put their destination in, so if they're on their way home, they can choose to only accept fares which are on the way.

The Pause Requests function lets drivers stop getting loads of notifications, should they want to go on a break or have finished driving for the day. The system before meant that all Uber drivers had to decline everything.

As for 'Instant Pay', that's pretty self explanitory.

This is all designed to make the Uber drivers happier, and have more control over their work.

"We have heard from drivers like you that there are plenty of things we can do to make driving more empowering and worth your while," product managers Maya Choksi and Ryan Fujiu write in a blog.

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