Uber rival to appear, to give you more choice

Uber rival

Taxi drivers have been angry at the advent of Uber, and now they'll have another one to contend with in the form of Karhoo. The app is going to roll out across cities in the UK later this year.

The company have already signed up a number of licensed taxis and private hire cabs all over the globe.

The founder Daniel Ishag says: "Uber needs competition and people need choice. The key factor of the new app is that all the drivers are licensed and full-time."

"This is much safer and brings accountability which is important for passengers."

"We have an extensive network of drivers so throughout Greater London it will only be about three to five minutes before a driver can pick you up. At the moment this is only possible in central London."

One of the issues around Uber, for some people, has been the safety of passengers. Karhoo is clearly gunning for that angle, but there's still likely to be protests from cabbies outside of these services.

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  • PJones77

    There is no doubt that the taxi and minicab industry are under extreme pressure from a vast temporary subsidy by Uber which could destroy them. Uber is under pressure to please the likes of Goldman Sachs. Unfortunately, Karhoo is another app which is funded by hedge fund managers whoare looking for a large return on their investments. Let’s not fool ourselves, Karhoo is not here to save the industry. They just want a slice of the Uber market at the expense of poor drivers. They are under similar pressure from their American investors. Currently, there are a few apps such as Cab Guru which are funded and developed by the people in this industry and has larger available fleets in many UK cities. It is basically does the same thing i.e. compares prices between taxis and minicabs and allows users to book and pay, etc. but any profit goes back to the operators and not investment bankers with tax dodging operations. It creates convenience for passengers with very competitive prices but not at the expense of drivers and doesn't benefit the Manhattan Bankers.

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