Uber lets you track other people's rides

Uber lets you track other people's rides

Are you a worried parent that wants to make sure your child got to their destination safely? Are you a paranoid spouse who would rather covertly keep tabs on your other half, rather than talk about it like adults?

Well, good news! Uber have launched a new feature called Trip Tracker, which basically, allows you to track the rides of others!

This service is another element to Uber's Family Profiles feature, where you can add other people to your profile.

Everyone has to agree to being on the same profile, mercifully.

Apparently, you can track each other in real time on the app, so as soon as someone in your family requests a ride, you can see where it is and where it is going.

Seeing as some people have concerns about safety when it comes to Uber, this is a neat little addition.

However, there's going to be some concerns that people might misuse this information, so it isn't wholly a win for Uber, but at least they're listening to customers and trying to do more for safety.

It will be rolled out everywhere, although at the time being, it isn't available in Canada or Croatia.

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