Trees planted by EE knacker mobile signal

london-tree.jpg Once upon a time, the government asked mobile network givers to plant trees around their masts, because their masts are really very ugly.

So, before EE formed like Voltron, and were separate entities Orange and T-Mobile, they were made to plant things around their new mobile phone masts, to help them blend in with the world. Sadly, EE is now saying that these trees have now grown to such a size, that they're wrecking the signal for everyone.

It isn't like our MPs to make ridiculous, ill-thought out decisions, is it?

Anyway, since then, the government have relaxed this ruling and mobile networks are allowed to build taller towers in protected, and non-protected areas. This is something to do with the willingness to have 'near universal' 4G coverage across the UK.

Sure, it might look a bit ugly around some bushes, but it is good for business and people wanting to upload photos of the countryside to Instagram and all that.

EE themselves have millions invested in countryside expansion, in a bid to give maximum coverage to the country... just don't tell Swampy or Lisa Simpson, alright?

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    or they could erect these:

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