Toyota boffins design improbable, incredible smartphone car

Can someone take the bag of chemical stimulants away from Toyota’s design geniuses please? Here’s their latest idea for the future of the humble motor car – and it’s exciting and scaring us in equal measures.


They call it the Fun-Vii and the Toyota President (who’s clearly as nuts as his in-house boffins) describes it as “a smartphone on four wheels” – see, it’s got a massive back-lit touchscreen on the side of it, so you can park up and check your emails, do a Google search or just marvel at some massive porn (taking dogging to a new, spectacular level).

Is it amazing? A bit. Is it feasible? Fuck knows. Would we have one if someone offered us a free one? Hell, yeah. The future – stop it please, you’re making us dizzy.



  • Alexis
    What's the point? Toyota only churn out a new Corolla every 5 years.
  • Gary
    Not to be a party-pooper or anything, but shouldn't they be trying to find an economic and safe way to replace petrol? :P
  • Phil76
    I'd give it 5 minutes in the average car park before some fucker puts a scratch down the side

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