The smartest World Cup apps for your smartphones

vuvuzela appThe FIFA World Cup is very nearly upon us which means that, for football haters, their lives will be a living hell. They should take solace from the fact that it'll be a living hell for England fans as well as we invariably balls-up the tournament, turning our jangled nerves into apathetic anger. Anyway, you'll no doubt be pissing about with your phones all the way through, so here are a variety of apps to keep you entertained as our boys let us down again.

World Cup Virtual Vuvuzela

That irritating droning noise coming from the stands is, of course, football bores talking tactics. However, there'll be another droning irritant called the vuvuzela.  Essentially it is a plastic trumpet thing which South Africa's football fans love to toot. Download this app and you make your phone the most annoying thing in the pub. Available for Android and iPhone.

The Official England App

The Official England App keeps you up to speed with all the latest World Cup news and provides you with info about fixtures and player profiles. Jim Beglin would be advised to download this so he doesn't sound quite so monumentally hopeless in the pundit seat this year. This app - developed by the FA - also gives you access to video footage from FA.TV, which means you can watch England training sessions and interviews with Capello and his squad.  Available on the iPhone for £2.99

ALK CoPilot Live for South Africa

Lucky enough to be going to South Africa to watch some games? Well, turn your phone into a SatNav with the ALK CoPliot live which will guide you around South Africa so you hopefully don't end up walking in the wrong bit of town getting mugged at knifepoint. Unless, of course, you're getting mugged because you've got your posh phone on display for all to see. Retails at £33 and available for Android and iPhone.

World Cup 2010 – FotMob

This app gives you extensive news coverage pulled in from and a calendar for fixtures and information on the group tables. You can also watch live games straight from the app, so if you're weeping on the pan with agonising squits, you'll still be able to watch the matches. Great stuff. It costs 99p and is available on Android. It may not be legit, so see here for more options.

World Cup Trivia Challenge Lite

When you're bored of trying to work out how the second phase will shape up after working out every possible result, you might find yourself utterly bored with your own footballing autism. Why not test your footballing trivia skills with this quizzing app? This lite version has 50 questions that will test your footballing brain and a 90 second timer that will add some sweat to your brow. Available on iPhone.


  • Fatal E.
    Most of this is pointless crap that you could get for free using the internet on your smartphone.
  • Stuart b.
    Any Germany, Argentina supporting APPs?
  • PaulH
  • wainy
    you missed out the Mandelaisms app on Android!
  • donttouchthehair
    If you have windows mobile then you should check out this app (which is free!!!): The features included are: * 64 matches with detailed info which can be browsed by group, date or play off stage. * 8 Groups details. * Play-offs chart * Manual update on-line which will get the following: World Cup news from the FIFA.Com News RSS feed, including pictures and links for full reading in your browser.
  • Carl
    that vuvuzela app is fucking annoying
  • Gav
    Here's something a lil different to the countless number of fixtures and stats only apps out there... just released on the app store today... iSupport 2010 : iSupport is your unofficial pocket companion to the most important soccer tournament of 2010, providing you with a unique sound board for each of the 32 competing nations. Join the players, managers, officials, fans and the iSupport commentary team as we take you through the dramatic highs and lows of South Africa 2010. Making full use of the varying functions of the iPod Touch and iPhone, touch your way through the World's greatest tournament with iSupport. And remember....the more you explore, the more you'll find, as there are many hidden surprises located throughout the application, to enhance your experience and enjoyment of 2010's most important sporting event. In addition, iSupport provides you with additional sound boards containing fixtures, team profiles and statistics. With 270 unique sounds and it's many animation sequences, you'll cheer, laugh and even cry as the tournament unfolds at the touch of your fingertips. So, whoever you support, you will enjoy... iSupport!
  • The B.
    Wow, nice free advert Gav, how about iPhone apps giving tips on diving for our mediterranean friends?
  • delrio
    i particularly like how you say the one for android may not be legit then link to 'alternatives' by linking to an iphone app. you guys on commission to apple or what?
  • Alex
    There is also a Vuvuzela app for Windows mobile phones at the Microsoft Marketplace.

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