Today's Bitterwallet iPad news round-up-orama-thon

"I'm not happy when people call our product an iPad clone," huffs Ciao Miao of THD Thread Technology, and his absolutely right - it's clearly an oversized iPhone clone:

Meanwhile, across the Pacific on Fifth Avenue in NYC, meet the man who started queuing yesterday, to buy an iPad tomorrow. He's called Greg Packer, and he was first in line when the iPhone was launched - that time he queued for four days and four nights. The dick.


  • M4RKM
    why fifth avenue?! It's the worst store out of the lot in NYC.. Oh yeah, he is a dick
  • Jack
    lol what a loser. Why do that? And he had no good reason why he wanted to buy it. I hope someone pushes ahead of him
  • cookie
    "His absolutely right"? Or 'He's absolutely right?'
  • John G.
    I do like the hand movements for the ipad ; especially the one that everyone, who does'nt have one, will use for the people who will...
  • Elle
    Across the Pacific??????
  • hippy
    lol what a sad sad man, waiting for an ipad cos its "like a mini laptop you just flip it on and you dont need to go through everything" He should work for apples advertsing department! think ill pass on the ipad cos it missing too many nice things like a hd screen, camera, lack of codecs for my audio and video files and the hard drive is way to small oh and cos it overpriced crap!
  • istupid
    "because its like a mini laptop" - what fucking cock - need to spend some money on a decent coat a hair cut and a shave.
  • istupid
    Wu show long is sick of his Pe Pe Pe - beliteled - hahahaha - what ever this fucking rocks I want one - why because its like a mini laptop !
  • Brad
    "Mini Laptop"? You mean like a Net book! Hopefully he will leave it plugged into the mains while performing his first sex act on it.
  • Peter p.
    Fat ron Jeremy lookalike cunt. Hope he got mugged

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