Tinder copies Snapchat

6 June 2014

tinder Women. Be scared. Tinder has decided to adopt a Snapchat element to its app, which means you're going to be getting a LOT of unsolicited cockshots.

The newly updated app will now see users able to send photos that will self-destruct, and on images, you can add text, filters or MS Paint style doodlings.

As soon as two people swipe right on each other, you'll be able to start sending pictures to each other. Great for 1% of users who want to use the app simply for NSA hook-ups, great for the 1% of people who solely use Tinder so they can screengrab creeps and complain about it online, pretty irritating for the 98% left over.

The difference is that, on Tinder, instead of having a few seconds to view an image, you'll have 24 hours to stare at a man playing with himself next to a magnolia painted wall.

Either way, Tinder is doing really well. It has only been running for 18 months, but has already seen over 850 million 'swipes' and somewhere in advance of 10 million matches per day.

That's a lot of people taking photos of their junk. Still, straight people are still pretty rubbish at hooking up with randoms through an app. Grindr still leads the way in people bumping uglies togther - Tinder's just introduced an element that will see even less straight people hooking up.

Ah well.

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