Three wants more mobile spectrum

Three wants more mobile spectrum

The mobile network Three have needs. They want more of that precious radio spectrum so they can up their service, and Ofcom might have to provide them with it too.

At the moment, Three have the least amount of spectrum in the UK, and they're not happy about it.

Of course, Ofcom are all set to auction off more of the airwaves (if you care about these things, it's the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz bands).

That particular spectrum used to be used by the MoD, but now it has been given to us plain clothes plebs to send tweets to each other, and fail to pull anyone on Tinder.

Three want more control over the airwaves, and tried to do it previously by buying O2. However, that move was blocked by authorities, worried about a reduction in competition. Three want to compete with EE, who just so happen to have a bigger slice of the spectrum pie.

In fact, EE have double what Three has at the moment.

Three CEO David Dyson said: "The combination of BT and EE is incredibly strong financially. It has got the financial ability to out-compete everyone in the market in how much they are willing to pay."

"Potentially, given how much spectrum they are already sitting on, BT is incentivised to strategically bid in the next auction to restrict the other operators in the market from increasing their spectrum portfolio… That could make life difficult."

If competition is supposed to be fair, it could mean that Ofcom have to give a priority to those who don't have the financial clout of their rivals, and as a result, don't have as big a portion of the airwaves.

Three are making moves, and Ofcom may have to let the mobile network get their way.

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