Three to buy O2 for £9 BILLION?

three Get this! Three owner Hutchison Whampoa (yep) is all set to try and takeover O2 with a very large bid indeed! In what will be a huge merger, O2 owner Telefonica will be offered a whopping £9 billion.

Not to be sniffed at.

This seems to be the order of the day as BT were tabling a bid of £12.5 billion for EE, and they were also eyeing up O2 as well.

If this bid is successful, the unified Three and O2 network would be the largest in the UK, leaving us all will only three major mobile players, alongside EE and Vodafone. Madness. Absolute madness.

Hutchinson has previous in this area too, as it bought O2 Ireland in 2013 in a €780 million deal. If they have friends in the O2 boardroom, this is a deal that could go through reasonably quickly.

If O2 and Three merge their masts too, then Three would reach their target of 98% coverage in the UK without having to do much building work and the like. Very clever.

Of course, no-one has made an official statement yet, but the rumours are loud and strong, so there's going to be more on this in the coming weeks.


  • MikeBeaver
    This would actually be good news, Three offer some good prices but their coverage is patchy at best, currently using GiffGaff which is O2 based, so signal would no longer be a problem with Three if they merged masts.
  • tin
    By my dodgy maths - that's £750 per subscriber. Customers will be paying that back for a LONG time.
  • Inspector G.
    Will the new name be O2+3? Or O5? Can any mathematicians shed any light?
  • George C.
    If BT hadn't been so abysmally mismanaged they might still own O2 (formerly Cellnet), but they thought mobile was a fad. Duh, BT, duh.

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