Three more red hot iPhone rumours for y'all

Hey, there’s no one who loves an iPhone rumour more than you, right? RIIIIGGGHHHT!

Today’s your lucky day then, because we’ve got THREE of them for you. Choose one that you like the best and spread it around willy-nilly. Here we go…

1:  The Pope has recently taken delivery of an iPhone. So far, he has not told anyone his new number and has been enjoying anonymously texting rude limericks to bishops around the world.

2:  A new app is soon to be released that can locate your closest wasps nest, helping you to stay safe and sting-free. The app works as every wasp nest in the world contains a unique chemical which can be ‘read’ by Google Maps.

3: Last year’s iPhone 3G will soon be available through at least three non-O2 networks, with Orange, Vodafone and T-Mobile ready to provide the phone on a contract and pay-as-you-go basis from September.


  • Gus
    WOW! Pope getting an IPHONE? All hail Satan!
  • numberwang
    I like this Andy, clever article. I can believe it, seeing as o2 3g coverage has been heavily criticized recently.
  • Daedalus85
    I can safely say the first two are more likely....
  • Sean
    Was just the other day I helplessly stumbled into a wasps nest inside an abandoned sheep shelter. Got stung to buggery. I was just at that moment thinking 'God, if the iPhone ever made an app for that, I'd instantly repent, forgive the frappachino drinking bum fuckers and buy one' There, I said it. Frappachino.
  • Dave S.
    Actually, the first one could be true, the Pope has recently broken his wrist on holiday in Llandudno, this could have been casued by furious maturbation over his new iPhone.
  • coffin d.
    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^frappachino drinking bum fuckers^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^:)
  • Dai G.
    Im not surprised that Apple has decided to release the older iPhone 3G on other networks to get rid of the stock pile of the iPhone 3G that they currently have, the fairly quick release of new models has caused this stock pile and this seems a obvious step to clear the stock.
  • Brian
    mmmmm, iPhone

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