Three launches unlimited data for pay-as-you-go phones

Three PAYGMobile service provider Three made plenty of noise a few months ago, when announcing that smartphones on their pay-monthly contracts would have uncapped data allowances - in a world where every other provider was restricting it. Of course it wasn't entirely without limits, but it was still welcome news for the majority of customers

Now Three have stepped up their game again - they're extending their all-you-can-eat data offer to pay-as-you-go mobiles too. Their best value package is the All in One 15 - for £15 you get 300 minutes and 3000 texts and all-you-can-eat data. The downside is that the package only lasts 30 days, so use it in the first month or lose it.

Of course, before you even think of being sucked in by this new and shiny deal, go and plug your most-visited postcodes into Three's network coverage checker, just to make sure you won't be lost in the digital netherwhere of Three and its equally vacuous customer service.


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    Most of the other retailers offers the price promise...So there is no real Surprise there...I would just ask them to take it back under the distance selling regulation rules and buy a new one....
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    Posted the above comment by mistake...Supposed to be posted at apple refunding £100 for ipad's
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    [...] Three launches unlimited data for pay-as-you-go phones [...]

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