Three launches £5 tariff

jackson three Three are going to launch a new tariff, which will cost £5 per month, which sounds decent doesn't it? Of course, the mobile operator isn't doing this out of the goodness of their hearts, but rather, it is a sly way of trying to get regulators to approve their merger deal with O2.

This bundle is being referred to as a 'granny tariff', as this particular bundle will apply to over-65s. Of course, there's nothing stopping you from getting your nana to get one of these deals out on your phone, if you're looking for a bargain.

It is a good thing that people are taking pensioners into consideration, as those with mobiles can often find themselves getting deals where they end up paying for a lot of things they don't use. If granddad is only using his phone for texting and calls, then they're not going to be too thrilled at paying for access to the internet and whatnot.

This is a smart move by Three, as they try and butter up regulators to give the green light to the £10.5billion takeover of O2.

Of course, like all big mergers, these things have to be investigated, and the European Commission is looking into this deal, as they have concerns that this is going to dramatically reduce competition, as people in the UK will see the number of operators reduced from four, to just three.

Obviously, the less competition, the increase in likelihood that customers will end up paying more for mobile services.


  • Bonobo
    Alternatively you could buy the £5 tariff which has already been going for years on Giffgaff. And very good it is too.
  • Charlie
    @Bonobo that tariff that you've referenced on giffgaff is about to change, on the 23rd of this month the "earned minutes" that you got from other network incoming calls will be scrapped. So the USP of the "hokey cokey" goodybag will be gone. Instead it'll come with 125 minutes 500 texts and 100mb of data for your £5. It's important to mention this as it's not clearly advertised as changing atm, you have to dig around on the website to discover the info I've just given. Also the data on gg although a very small amount on this bag is very slow in comparison to three or O2

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