Three launch roaming deal

three (1)We told you about Vodafone's roaming deal the other day, and now Three have launched their offer in a bid to end outrageous bills that everyone gets after travelling around Europe.

Three's new fixed-price Euro Internet Pass allows pay-monthly customers to browse the web and all that for £5 per day whilst they travel abroad. The offer is not currently being offered to PAYG customers.

This £5 per day option is opt-in and available now ahead of the peak holiday season. Not that you can afford a holiday this year. The thought's there though.

“No more hunting for internet cafés, no more searching for Wi-Fi hotspots. The Euro Internet Pass gives you the benefits of the internet, without any of the hassle,” an office Three spokesperson said. They added: “Our brand new Euro Internet Pass is designed to let you browse, tweet, update and upload for just a fiver a day.”

So what do you make of all this? Does it sound like a good deal or will you be going on holiday to switch your phone off so you don't have all that social networking admin that needs doing the second you open your eyes?


  • Tony B.
    £5 a day, every day, per 14 days standard £5 x 14 = £70 for two weeks, buy a local sim and put it into you 'unlocked' mobile phone and/or broadband dingle one off fee £30 lasts 30 days, take it home and return and top up the following year at a £5, £10 a month etc.......erm no contest. and your account will not be restricted as to content download/surf or use and will have a better access to local service because it is a ' local' sim interface..... no brainer.
  • DJDarren
    But if your phone isn't unlocked, and you're on Three already... I'm making use of this service to post this very message from a British iPhone in Holland, and I have to admit, it's quite pricey. However, it's a damn sight cheaper than the £1.28 per MB they were charging before.
  • Alex B.
    I prefer T-Mobile's Euro Data Boosters (when they work properly, anyway). The biggest one is 50MB/30 days (whichever comes first) for £10. That was pretty much enough for 5 nights in France for me recently, but you can just buy another when it expires. The only complication is that sometimes their system doesn't work properly, so you need to contact customer services to credit the erroneous charges on your bill.

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