Three days before sale, nobody knows about Windows Phone 7

You wouldn't know it, but Microsoft's much-heralded debut of their new smartphone operating system happens on Thursday. On that day, the phone will be available to buy from Orange, T-Mobile, O2 and 3 as well as other third-party retailers such as Carphone Warehouse. Up to seven handsets are expected to be available, all carrying the new Windows Phone 7 OS, which Microsoft believes will revolutionise how consumers use their mobiles.

There's just one problem. Three days before going on sale, none of the providers know how much they cost or what tariffs will be available.

Bitterwallet - Windows Phone 7

Since Steve Ballmer's officially launched Windows Phone 7 last week, there has been no pricing released by retailers. Developer Terry Brown tells of his frustrations in contacting both O2 and Carphone Warehouse for pricing and tariffs - not only was he told that none were available, but operators at neither company could guarantee they'd have handsets in stock on the day.

Terry also runs through all the outlets that Windows Phone 7 should be available from, and points out that none carry any information, other than to say the phone is available soon. Orange has some pricing information available, according to Terry - but it is impossible to find on their site. When we called Orange to ask about their HTC 7 Mozart handset this dinnertime - a handset exclusive to Orange - customer services told us they hadn't heard of the phone, and because it wasn't displayed on their internal systems there was no pricing available for the time being.

Think about what happens when Apple launch a new version of the iPhone; there's a big media event, the handset is demonstrated - and Apple announce the price of the handsets and when they will be available. In between that event and the date of sale, the service providers announce their tariffs and the mindless frenzy of fanboys begins.

So what's going on with WIndows Phone 7? Three days before the handsets go on sale, are service providers still negotiating prices with Microsoft, is it a bungled rollout or is there widespread apathy towards Microsoft and their new operating system?

Is it even worth the wait? Not according to avid Bitterwallet reader A Cole, who passed on the official Windows Phone 7 commercial: "So smart phones are better than sex, unless you have a Windows Phone 7?"


  • klingelton
    Smells like zune in here.
  • Joff
    That advert makes me want to go to Alton Towers.
  • ridge
    the fucking os hasnt got copy and paste ? i remember iphones getting slated for that
  • Ballu
  • Mr M.
    @ ridge Doesn't have flash either. And it comes with Microsoft forcing their shitty products on you - Zune, bing, and some Xbox live stuff that no one cares about. And the interface looks damn ugly. I'm certainly no Apple fan, but if I wanted a locked down phone without flash I'd buy an iPhone way way before this rubbish.
  • Terry B.
    Thanks for that update Ballu, that didn't appear to be there earlier today, but I could have missed it - certainly their search facility didn't return anything useful. I've updated my original post - thanks. I still think they're doing an utterly awful job of promoting/communicating it to the UK community, but at least information is slowly trickling through.
  • Windows p.
    [...] I can find no reference to it on their search page. #fail [edit: thanks to the guys over at bitterwallet, someone has updated with a t-mobile [...]
  • evil r.
    I remember 3 million years ago----JESUS FECKING CHRIST!!!!!!!------Egg--------sorry about that, we had no windows!!!!
  • Ballu
    NP terry... i was surprised to see it there on friday, as far as i know has been there since. prices about the same as the galaxy s which i have... this should get interesting. MS have had to rush this to launch, as it has a lot of ground to make up. OS 6.1 and 6.5 were archaic. HP will probably face similar issues with palm.
  • hippy1001
    what balmer should have done to advertise the phone, is get all the press and companies together in a large hall, then he could run onto stage shouting and wailing loudly saying "w00t windows 7 phone!, windows 7 phone, windows 7 phone!" Then once it was uploaded to utube it would spread like a virus around the interworld and people would know about it! Instead he went for the ninja approach. I give the windows 7 phone a week before security updates are needed
  • klingelton
    perhaps they're relying that if they don't advertise it at all, everyone will talk about it. @ridge: Really? lol. they can't copy and paste the nails for their coffin and will need to write them out over and over again.
  • Alexis
    I think this is the first MS advert I've ever liked! (although I did spend most of it thinking how great the video looked on my iPhone's retina display)
  • TheGyro
    It's supposed to be getting copy and paste by "early 2011," although in this day and age, it really should be in there from the start. I'm more pissed off at the fact that the Dell "Lightning" Venue Pro isn't appearing in the UK. Microsoft could have a winner on their hands. Reviews on Engadget and the like rate both the phones and software highly, but once again Microsoft are going to fuck it up by having shit PR and all the marketing talent of a small penguin.
  • RSG
    Are you suggesting that large penguins are marketing geniuses?
  • NellieIrrelevant
    @Alexis, you're right, it's a brilliant advert. Just a shame it's based on a false premise - Windows 7 is not going to magically make your life more interesting, so people - we - will still go around texting or playing angry birds instead of 'being here now.' Nice idea though.
  • ridge
  • christy
    So no angry birds, no copy & paste, & no multitasking. Has this been made especially for some weird religious cult?
  • Kevin
    The Mac haters always have a go at the BBC and BW at pimping what Apple is releasing, but look at the shit Microsoft offer us for information on release. Apple get the publicity as they are actually trying to tell people what is going on. I remember the Zune. Or rather I remember reading about the Zune in the US. Mainly that it was crap and died a quick death. The only publicity I heard about that was Microsoft saying it was going to kill off the ipod. That went well didn't it. Apple wins as they are providing what people want. Microsoft don't.
  • Bigger B.
    [...] And so it seems certain that Apple will not develop a 7″ iPad. Will that let the likes of Samsung own the tablet market? [...]
  • klingelton
    @Duh I'm in agreement. i'm due an upgrade in feb. it will be a desire HD for me. also waves
  • andrew
    SERIOUSLY !!!!!!!! How can Microsoft screw this up soooo badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! someone line them up against a wall while I go and get my bat Iv been winmo user for years and im so glad that at last they have released the desire HD ... now i know what my next phone will be goodby windows. everything I like about it they have taken away aghhhhh
  • mobile p.
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